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automatically login users via TLS/SSL/HTTPS client certificates
By canochordo, 5 days ago


Others 0 0 +1
yii2 persian and arabic SluggableBehavior
By mr.rezaee, 14 days ago


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A number and currency format mask control and input widget for Yii...
By Kartik V, 22 days ago


User Interface 0 0
A Yii2 widget for owl carousel 2
By kv4nt, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0
Helps setup the standard HTML meta tags besides the ones defined by...
By Gabriel A. López López, about a month ago


User Interface 36 0
a specialized dropdown list combined with checkboxes
By bluyell, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0
The Yii extension uses jQuery jquery carousel- min js and makes...
By SlavKoVrn, about a month ago


Web Service 0 0
Library to dynamically handle workflows in a database with ROA...
By neverabe, about a month ago


Security 0 0
This extention aims to provide protection for brute force attacks
By giannis, about a month ago


Others 0 0
Make create and store models in database Another way to work with...
By Dmitry Dorogin, 2 months ago


User Interface 0 0
Create a loader animation when the page is request ends when the...
By Hipogea, 2 months ago


Database 0 0
Yii2 wrapper via activeRecord for 1C oData
By eXeCUT, 3 months ago


Web Service 0 0
This solution allows you to generate good slug urls.(Semantic URL)
By skeeks, 3 months ago


File System 0 0 +1
Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction which allows you to easily...
By mr.rezaee, 3 months ago
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