Gii extension version 2.0.6 released

Dec 22, 2017

We are very pleased to announce the release of Gii extension version 2.0.6. In this release there are many bug fixes and, of course, some enhancements:


  • PHP 7.1 compatibility.
  • Aliases could now be used in generator's templates.
  • Added filename filter to generated files list preview.
  • Added meta tag to prevent indexing of debug by search engines in case it's exposed.

CRUD generator

There are changes in the code generated:

  • There are now @throws tags for 404 exceptions.
  • NotFoundHttpException message uses i18n.
  • Redundant else after return removed.
  • Removed space from commented out code so when uncommenting in IDEs there's no extra spacing.
  • Submit button label was changed from "Update" and "Create" to "Save".
  • Changed the way CRUD generator translates "Update X id". Now it's a whole string because of translation difficulties.

Model generator

"Use Table Prefix" and "Generate ActiveQuery" options are now sticky. Additionally, generation itself was improved:

  • PostgreSQL got default validator with null value for integers in the model and ilike operator in search model.
  • int and bool are used instead of integer and boolean.
  • FK detection can now recognize id_something additionally to existing something_id.
  • There's an option now to generate relations only for current schema. It's useful for Oracle and MSSQL where reading schema is slow.
  • Table comments could now be used for PHPdoc property description.
  • Unique validation rule is now generated for tables with multiple primary keys.

See CHANGELOG for details.

Thanks to all contributors who participated in this release.