Queue Extension 2.0.2 released

Dec 26, 2017

We have released version 2.0.2 of the Queue extension. This version is fixing bugs as well as adding some enhancements.

New AMQP Interop driver added. It allows you to seamlessly use many drivers queue interop project supports.

There are new events: cli\Queue::EVENT_WORKER_START and cli\Queue::EVENT_WORKER_STOP. These allow you to add handlers to worker start and stop.

It's now possible to redefine exit code that is useful for connecting workers with Supervisord or Systemd.

LoopInterface and its SignalLoop implementation were added in order to handle posix-signals. Out of the box SignalLoop provides an ability to exit the loop using a signal. Also it supports querying delays. Exit, pause and resume signals are configurable as well.

New events and LoopInterface are supported by all CLI drivers except AMQP and AMQP Interop.